Together, we can tell our story.

Why tell our stories?

Telling our stories as we work together to problem-solve, integrate, and innovate.

Telling our stories as we work together to problem-solve, integrate, and innovate.

At Alliance for Better Health, we're taking the opportunity to try something unique with our communications. The Medicaid redesign program which funds our work in New York State is all about learning, collaboration, and innovation. We believe our communications should reflect that.

We can’t tell our story, without telling yours.

We can’t tell our story, without telling yours.

Creating a storytelling collaborative that includes you, our partners, will not only help diffuse our successful solutions and impact, but hopefully inspire other community partners to innovate and collaborate, ultimately bringing us closer to health equity for our community.

Who is this collaborative for?

Who is this collaborative for?

Are you a part of DSRIP nation? Are you a health policy, #SDoH wonk, or IT/data analytics geek? Are you interested in movement building and systems change? Then this collaborative is for you! Join us! Tell us your story.


What is DSRIP: Why are we here?

The DSRIP Program, or Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program, is a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we pay for and create healthy communities. Change is scary, right? But, when it comes to health, worth it.

The paradigm shift is that of moving away from treating patients all the way ‘downstream’, meaning at the point of an emergency department visit, to attending to the whole person ‘upstream’, or assisting with housing, food, and other social determinants of health that keeps them from falling downstream. Through DSRIP, we are rewarded for keeping our community healthy.

The Federal Government has provided New York State with 6.4 billion dollars with the overarching mandate of reducing preventable hospital use by Medicaid members by 25% by the year 2020, and a 5% reduction in overall hospital use over the 5 years of DSRIP. Why is this goal important? Because avoidable hospital use increases the cost of health care and perpetuates an issue currently plaguing, not only New York State, but the United States as well: we spend a lot of money on healthcare, and have some of the lowest outcomes globally.

As part of the DSRIP program, the New York State Department of Health’s Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) sanctioned organizations called PPSs or Performing Provider Systems, to break down silos and barriers; building a bridge between community partners to ultimately create a healthier community. We assist (you and your teams), we advise (where necessary), we augment (when invited to do so), we assess (to offer feedback about our shared progress), and we take accountability for the success of the community.

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Introducing our Performance Program: How we get it done.

Designed to achieve our ultimate goal of improving the health of our community, our Performance Program is Alliance’s long-term partner initiative focused on health outcomes. Through a team-based approach facilitated by Alliance, this program prepares partners for the future delivery system where reimbursement is tied to value, not volume.

How will we do this (and the important word in that sentence is “we”)? By working together with our partners, and encouraging our partners (who range from private practices, to Community-Based Organizations, to hospitals) to collaborate, Alliance seeks to facilitate a partner-informed, goal and outcome-driven, time-bound strategy that addresses the root causes of some of our region’s most complex health challenges.

Three workgroups made of up over 40 regional medical and Community-Based Organization partners are pursuing year long, best-practice, integrated initiatives. Supported by dedicated Alliance program managers, project managers, IT, transformation, behavioral health, and care coordination experts, this program aims to achieve integrated, measurable, and sustainable improvements to our delivery system.

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